Organic beauty care cosmetics manufacturing company, Pierre Group offers full range of skin care cosmetics products for distributors at manufacturing pricing, from cleansing creams, anti aging serum, skin protecting cosmetics, toning creams, hand care, hair mask, men anti ageing cosmetics, anti cellulite treatment, skin face peeling, sun protection, organic lycopene products, food dietary supplement, handmade produced for wholesale distributors in USA, Canada, Europe, China, Middle East, South America... Italian manufacturing industry

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BODY CLEANSING TREATMENT our collection of dermo cleaner customized for skin body, it's appropriate for hygiene of dry, sensitive skin, post peeling, post depilation skin. Pierre the Italian body care manufacturing company has formulated body cleansers to reduce the risk of developing allergies or skin sensitization, also the most delicate and helpless for which the use of non-specific cleaning or to avoid increases the risk of redness, burns, rashes and inflammation.

Milk cleansing creams to improve face skin care of business women


Natural cleansing products to support business distributorsFace skin peeling cosmetics and full treatmentAnti aging cosmetics with organic lycopene for all types of skin, from sensitive to oily skin full treatmentSkin protecting cream manufacturing companyCreams for sensitive skin, Italian organic formulaOily skin cream cosmetics for a full vip Italian treatmentFace skin moisturizing creams with organic lycopeneNight toning cream by Pierre Group the Italian Vip cosmetics manufacturingSpots remover creams and serum for a complete made in Italy treatmentAnti-acne treatment, organic collection to prevent and to remove acne with organic lycopeneBody care cosmetics collection for Vip Italian cosmetic distributorsBody cleansing creams for a vip sensation only from Pierre GroupBody moisturizing creams with organic lycopene produced in Italy

REBEL DERMO CLEANER, due to its high tolerance ensures proper hygiene to minimize the risk of irritation and leaving an intense and long-lasting feeling of softness and protection.
CLEANSER COMPONENTS: Amphoteric surfactants, nonionic and glucoside, Poliquatermium -7, Sodium Lactate, Water Soluble Fraction of Olive Oil, Wheat Protein, Vitamin E.
HOW TO USE: Spread the product on the skin is already wet. Emulsify for a few seconds to get a soft and creamy foam. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Cellulite treatment, a luxury collection of anti-cellulite cosmetics from creams to serum using organic lycopene


Strectch marks cream by Pierre Group the Italian cosmetics manufacturing


Body firming creams for a perfect skin care protectionHand care creams for cosmetic distributionFoot and leg care cosmetics for a full relaxMen skin care cosmetics for Italian beauty care distributorsAnti aging cosmetics for men only Made in Italy compoents including our organic lycopeneSkin toning cream for men, luxury sensation excelent resultsAfter shave for men, relaxing cream to vip business menHair care products made in Italy for a Vip marketsVIP shampoo manufacturing company for private labelVIP hair conditioner for private label distributorsVIP bath foam manufacturing company for private label marketVip Italian perfumes for private label marketSun protection products manufacturing company for a safe summerSun protection, full collection of protectos according to skin typeAfter sun creams, to protect and maintain your tanning resultsTanning booster creams manufacturing industryBaby skin care products manufacturing industry

CLEAN TONIC FINIBUS TERRAE Free from aggressive detergents and synthetic silicones. Our cleansing tonic is formulated for the daily care is suitable for all skin types, even those delicate and sensitive. Used after cleansing, does not dry the skin, it provides an intense toning and moisturizing gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being.
FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS Softening and soothing action: the distilled water of chamomile moisturizes and refreshes the skin very gently, leaving it soft and smooth. Antiseptic, astringent and decongestant: thanks to the Water Witch hazel cleansing tonic Finibus Terrae has antiseptic, astringent and decongestant that make it the best product in the completion of the cleansing of the face. Adjusting the pH of the skin: the tonic Finibus Terrae is ideal as a complement to the hygiene of the skin, adjusts the PH of the skin after removal of make-up and rebalances after exposure to atmospheric agents wind, humidity, bacteria, smog.


Beauty Salon treatments, full range of products for wellness business centre


Lycopene dietary supplement products for health food business distributionLycocor as dietary supplement to avoid and prevent heart diseaseLycodeep, organic lycopene to help skin care treatmentLycomplete dietary supplement for health and wellness wholesale distributorsLyco Optic full organic lycopene tablets to prevent optic problemsLyco Sport a food dietary supplement with full tomatoes to support your activitiesProstate health, dietary supplement to prevent and to protect against protaste disease and cancerContact Pierre Group the Italian Vip Cosmetics manufacturing companyItalian cosmetics manufacturing industry offers full skin care cosmetics collectionIndustria Italiana di cosmesi biologica offre una collezione completa di prodotti per la cura del viso e corpoFabrica Italiana de cremas y cosmeticos organicos para la salud del cutis y del cuerpo, precios especiales para distribuidores


REBEL TRIODERM is a pre- peel cleanser body scrubs. Its gentle formulation LES FREE (no sodium laureth sulfate ) makes it suitable for all skin types, especially for skin thickened, dehydrated and prone to crack. Can be used on each phototype and on all kinds of weft skin. Adequately prepare the body skin to cellulite treatments, firming, draining, detoxifying, quotes and repairers of stretch marks. Used before any type of massage, makes it more bioavailable active ingredients and vegetable oils that easily penetrate and nourish the skin. Great trainer as a treatment for tanning.
SUBSTANCES AND FUNCTIONAL FEATURES: contains corundum powder, an inert substance, thin (one-thirtieth of a grain of sand) resulting from the processing of rubies. Produce uniform exfoliation, gentle and free of scratches. Trioderm is allergen free and can be used without risk of inducing sensitization also on predisposed subjects.
USE Dampen the area of the body being treated, wet your hands and gently massage in circular motion. Light pressure on sensitive body areas, breasts, inner thighs, inner forearms, etc. During the massage recurrently wet hands to facilitate the sliding movement. Do not massage for more than 4 /6 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.




Finibus Terrae Lycoemucré Rebuild

It is not a simple or firming body moisturizer ... it's so much more !
is the first treatment nutritional vitamins to the skin of the body that allows for a deep and genuine nutrition and hydration. Thanks to an innovative system of transepidermal penetration of the biological active acts both on the surface and in depth. Hydrates, nourishes , smoothes , tones and softens the skin visibly from the first application .


INDICATIONS: for all skin types, especially for those marked by aging and dryness. Thanks to the generous presence of Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Lycoemucrè Regenerate provides the skin with the right amount of Omega- 3, Omega -6, Omega -9, which are essential for the health and regeneration of tissues.
Lycoemucrè regenerates, makes antioxidants needed to combat the different free radicals (major cause of aging) preserving the integrity of collagen and elastin.
The product still contains: Lycopene encapsulated in Cerasomi Wheat (Lycocerosomi), Vitamin E, Oleorupeina, Vitamin A, B vitamins, tannins, Tocopherols and flavonoids.



  Italian natural skin cleansing cream manufacturing company, the best skin care protection of the cosmetics market produced in Italy to support wholesale distributors in USA, China, Europe, Canada, Middle East and South America Organic anti-aging serum and anti ageing cosmetics for a full face skin treatment, we are an Italian manufacturing company ready to support the industrial distribution of beauty care cosmetics Skin protecting cream manufacturer industry, organic Italian cosmetics production for an exigent women and vip beauty care cosmetics market in the world

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  HEALTH PROSTATE + DIETARY SUPPLEMENT After 45 yearsold, men may experience undesired growth of the prostate due to an inflammatory process that can degenerate into cancer. Prostate Health + effectiveness plus, is a special blend of antioxidants, saw palmetto, ginseng and zinc aids in the prevention and reduction of risk factors that cause inflammation of the prostate, produced by Pierre Group in Italy LYCODEEP DIETARY SUPPLEMENT - ANTI AGING REDUCING WRINKLES Lycodeep effectively counteracts the aging of the skin by reducing wrinkles and improving the thickness and sagging skin. Lycodeep is the only supplement with "Organic Lycopene" specially formulated for the protection and beautification of the skin. Lycodeep is useful in cellulite treatment. Organic Lycopene coming from Italian tomatoes LYCOMPLETE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT WITH ORGANIC LYCOPENE is a nutraceutical excellence with Organic Lycopene and other natural active ingredients acting synergistically as antioxidant treatment, specific and effective against oxidative stress. Lycomplete normalizes the value of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is evident especially in the onset of serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others LYCOSPORT ORGANIC DIETARY SUPPLEMENT TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE Lycosport with organic lycopene, produced in Italy by Pierre Group, is a nutraceutical dietary supplement for the improvement of sports performance. Lycosport is distinguished by its special formulation, consisting of a balanced mixture of natural compounds, antioxidants and amino acids that helps to improve athletic conditions

Health Prostate Dietary

Lycodeep dietary supplement

Lycomplete dietary supplement

Lycosport dietary supplement






Pierre Group srl is an Italian manufacturer of organic beauty skin care cosmetics collection beauty care creams, sun protection cream manufacturers, men care cosmetics suppliers, baby skin care product manufacturing, new technology industrial supply, hair cosmetic vendors and man cream manufacturers. Our mission is to produce the best beauty care cosmetics products for distributors in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East including the following market: Italy, Vietnam, Asia, Austria, France, US, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta in USA, Panama, Australia, Japan, China, India, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Perù, Brasil, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, China, Thailand, Japan,  Korea, Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, France, England, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay,  Japan, England, Russia, Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Canada, the United States, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, China, Japan, Australia, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Bahrain, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ucraine... supporting the vip beauty care cosmetics distributor industry worldwide


Pierre Group an Italian beauty care cosmetics manufacturing industry with facilities in Galatina Salento, South of Italy, a certified industry of organic skin care products thanks to our international patent to produce organic lycopene... made in Italy


Made in Italy cosmetics manufacturer suppliers, organic producer of beauty care cosmetics for beauty salon and wholesale distributors in China, Asia, USA, Europe, Africa, Canada, South America and Middle East vendors


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Italian cosmetic manufacturing, industrial manufacturer of beauty care cosmetics for beauty salon and wholesale distributors in China, Asia, USA, Europe, Africa, Canada, South America and Middle East

Nickel tested, each of our beauty skin care cosmetics is nickel tested

Our full collection of cosmetics is Paraben Free

We use only organic lycopene, coming from our organic Italian tomatoes using a biological extraction co2 system

We do not use chemical solutions or agents to extract the lycopene from tomatoes, we use only the biological extraction system with critical c02 manufacturing process

Non GMO (genetically modified organism) used by Pierre Group for cosmetics and dietary supplement products

Each of our cosmetics is sodium free to guarantee best sensation and health to your skin

All products of our collection are not tested on animals

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Italian beauty skin care comsetics manufacturer and organic health care dietary supplement manufacturing industry using organic lycopene made in Italy




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